irene soria

i have been working at my recent job for over 15 + years and i honestly thought i would always be there. but it recently, about 3 years ago, got once again bought and well corporate world moved in. now i was recently demoted and my hourly cut by more than $6.00. not because of my work ethics which have not changed, nor have i never gotten written up and always work beyond the bosses expectation , i was demoted just because i do not have the college degree however i have more than 15 + years in this company and over 25+ years in total in accounting field. Now i am finding myself having to truly look for work elsewhere and i am so scared of the unknown. my recent employer continues to give me fault hope saying they are trying their hardest to try to meet me half between what i used to make and what i am making now and that everything is a process. but its been 2 months, and how quickly they were to changed my status and $$$ but how uneasy they find to change it back. i would love some feedback. thank you all.

almost 3 years ago
Elyssa DuncanCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi irene soria , this is an unfortunate situation for sure. I'm sorry you're going through this! It sounds like this might be a good opportunity for a change. Have you thought about exploring options with other companies? I know the unknown is scary, but maybe this is a blessing in disguise!