Matt Beiter

I am a full time field technician for a medical company I have been having issues with this company for a while I have 3 young kids and all I ever do is work around the clock and dont have time for there activities. I love what I do in helping people but the pay isn't great and I want a change I have a valid class E license and am looking for work with in a 25 mile radius of wentzville mo I have over 12 years experience in home medical can anyone help me find a job that has good pay and hours that I can at least get to see my kids on the weekend and have time for there sporting activities.

over 3 years ago
Ashley Wilson

I think the best thing you can is to start thinking about the next path you want to take! Matt Beiter Here’s how to get started!

Check the job description If you’re not sure which skills you should include for a particular role check the job description and see what they are looking for! Here are a few examples of skills that you can transfer, check out more [here] ( -Leadership -Motivation -Time management -Delegation -Communication -Research

Show proof Make sure once you add a skill to your resume that you show how you performed it at your job! -Don’t just say: "Great leadership skills." -Prove it: "Excellent leadership skills, demonstrated when I successfully managed a small team of individuals over the course of a three-day fundraising event."

Make a list of your job duties Create a list of your current and past job duties. Focus on more than what is required of you in your current/previous job or what was/is in your actual job description. Think about what you were you responsible for on a daily basis! Which tasks and duties have you done daily and also which ones did you fulfill that were outside what you were hired for?

Record your accomplishments Now it's time to list specific accomplishments. Did your boss recognize you at some point? Did you save a colleague time by helping he or she complete a project? Think of achievements that are both large and small. They ALL matter to your next employer!

If you’re interested in working from home here are a few positions I can recommend!

Convergys - Full and part-time job opportunities with benefits and a Veteran Family program for eligible employees. Click HERE to learn more and apply.

Concentrix - Customer Support Services offered via Virtual Call Center. Click HERE for more details and application information.

Sykes - Employees receive paid training, health benefits, monthly bonus incentives, and career advancement opportunities. Click HERE to search for jobs and apply today.

TeleTech - Offers many customer service jobs at call centers across the U.S., the company also hires at-home workers. Click HERE to search for job openings and application information.

KellyConnect - technical and customer support jobs. Click HERE to search for job openings.

TTech - Customer Service phone support. Click HERE for more details.

Conduent - Customer Service Representatives (Technical Support) - jobs available in a limited number of US states. Click HERE for more details.

Working Solutions - Click HERE for more information.

Language Solutions - Interpreter services in a variety of languages. Click HERE for more job details and application information.

For other Work From Home Options please refer to FlexJobs article 100 Companies Offering Work From Home Jobs in 2018*

Wishing you the best in your job search! Let us know how else we can help : )