John Gill
over 1 year ago

I managed a store for 2 yrs & spent 20 yrs merchandising upgrades @ new stores. After acquiring Parts America & Discount Parts we abandoned our core values & started to deviate from POLICY. '07 transferred back to retail where I ENJOYED training several into management positions...2 into the DISTRICT LEVEL. The last manager I had, had failed once before @ another store. He was difficult to work with as he wanted to follow PROCEDURE over POLICY. He deemed it proper to leave 1 person in the store for EXTENDED periods POLICY dictates 2 people @ ALL TIMES. 1 person, customers in the store, 5 phone lines ringing, electronic log, "calls not answered" Shoplifter Heaven!!

Depending on management it can be a GREAT place to work or a DREADED "I have to work today"

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Malcolm Ogden

Thank you for sharing your experience John Gill !

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