Botched a technical question; am I boned?

Had a final round of interviews today. Prior to today I'd been CRUSHING it in the first two rounds really vibing with the people of the company and answering technical questions and even asking a lot of them back. But today during one of four interviews i did for the final round I struggled through a technical question. The interviewer was the woman I'd be working directly under and the question was about preliminary steps in analyzing data. I answered ok on what kinds of fields we would see in a fictional data set and she asked how I would minimize the amount of data observed and focus on the more important subset. The one method I gave her was ok but she was looking for me to say build a histogram and look at the outliers. Such a simple task that I should have remembered and I messed it up. Am I boned? Should I call it quits and get back into the swing of sending out apps and going to networking events? The co founder asked me similar technical questions and I did a little better but wasn't perfect. Plus he and I really vibed talking about machine learning. I think that it's a 50/50 shot that I get this job when just 8 hours ago I was just about a shoe-in.

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