Very bad place to work!!!!

So I was putting in job applications and following up with calling and I finally got the call and interview that I was hired Yeah and then nay .I was hired at Applebees as a cook I was so excited to be working and the pay was right I was told I would 40-60 hrs I thought wow answer to prayers .The company was a joke I was trained here and there buy 6 different people for about no more than 5 hrs having 3 days off then work 1 day then go in work 2 hrs and be told I was burning there time clock because they were in slow season I clocked out and was brought in the office by the General Manager saying so How do you think you are doing ?I said fine if everyone would train me the same .I guess this got her upset because she told me that I should be trained that I had been there three weeks what a joke I have had 3 8 hrs shifts total working 9 days on a part time schedule .She said they really don't train much I could tell I would never want my family eating at this Restaurant the Kitchen was a disaster.I have never been treated like this in the 42 years of my life by a company so I went home and I never went back .I decided I will keep my head up because if a company has no training this is a warning sign and trust and believe I called the health department .Very bad place to work . Lavel MD Location Don't trust the look of the restaurant its the Kitchen that is unsafe and unclean...There is a reason you cant see the Kitchen .....

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