Holly Dryden
over 6 months ago

mentally exhausted

looking for work isn't easy... I have applied several different places.. I've called back , and the answer is.. either they are on a hiring freeze.. or they had just hired someone... I had applied for a full time merchandising position.. when most of them are only part time and not many hours... I called the company and their closest office to me is Cincinnati.. I'm like an hour and a half away and I live in Washington Court House, Ohio.. the lady there said she'd email the recruiter close to my area... so I guess now it's just the waiting game... it's for Acosta merchandising... and I like the hours because they are day shift... it's nice to be on a site where people understand where your coming from

April Mcgrawth

Sorry you're going through this Holly. It really can be mentally exhausting to find a job. My best advice try to find something you really enjoy and make sure you spend some time on that every day. It will really help your outlook and re-energize you to keep up the job search. Good luck!