So upset and frustrated

I'm looking for a remote position because I live in a small town where there are few opportunities. I got pretty far in the interview process with a company that I really wanted to work for. I got my hopes up a lot, thinking that if I was all in that it would show and I would be hired.
I found out yesterday that I did not get it. I am crushed. I don't know where to go from here. This is the closest I've gotten in months of looking. I know that there is a stigma around looking for Remote jobs, but there seem to be a ton of legitimate ones out there. So why can't I find one that I can get?
I am just frustrated and so sad. My current position, while I understand that I am lucky to be currently employed, is incredibly toxic and every day that I am there is harder and harder. I'm trying to work myself up this morning to just make it through the day now that the possibility of this other great position is now gone.

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