Need Help!

I have reached out to the community before but really didn’t get much feedback. I am trying to relocate to the Tampa/Clearwater//St.Petersburg area in Florida. I have so much experience, a diploma and 3 degrees. My nursing license is not currently active because I need to take a RN Remediation course since it’s been inactive for more than 5 years. I intend to do that but I need to be a Florida resident. I have applied for roughly 230 jobs in the past 9 months and have received 3 phone calls all of which offered to pay me half of what I make know. I get that the general cost of living is supposed to be cheaper but my car payment isn’t going to change. My phone bill isn’t going to change. My car insurance may change but who knows if that’s up or down. My life insurance isn’t going to change. My food and monthly household and hygiene products isn’t going to be a big change, if at all. So, it is impossible to live on half of what I make now. I went back to school and got my masters degree to be more marketable but it obviously didn’t work. I rewrote my resume at least 5 or 6 times and had 2 different professionals rewrite it as well. I feel like I’m stuck in a black hole that I’m never going to get out of. I’m looking for a supervisory/assistant director/assistant manager preferably) position in the healthcare or human services including mental health and substance abuse. Can anyone point me in a direction that might land me a job so I can get out of this frigid state? TIA

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