Ashley Wilson

Awesome! Having your photo taken by a professional is much different than when we attempt to do it ourselves. A professional photo stands out from the crowd, giving your online presence a major competitive edge! Before you even have the chance to walk through the door, a photo is often the first thing an employer will see, and acts as your personal brand.

Just as you researched the company, an employer will do the same by looking at your social media accounts as well as your professional ones. You only get ONE chance at a first impression, so make sure it's the best one possible. Don't forget to upload your professional headshots to each of your online accounts, employers will be checking them.

If you haven’t updated your profile pic here yet on Jobcase, it’s easy and FAST. Just follow these steps!

1- Click on MY INFO at the top right corner [here] ( It will be right next to your blank or current profile picture.

2- Click on the camera symbol which will open a new screen asking you to select an image.

3-Find the image by clicking CHOOSE FILE.

4- Once you have selected a photo (move/crop if needed) and be sure to click SAVE.

You’re all set : ) congrats on uploading a profile pic!!

Wondering what a profile pic can do for you? Watch [this] ( 32 second clip.

almost 5 years ago
Adrian Wilson

I've never had a professional photo done, not even for my own wedding! I also honestly hate photos of myself and almost never upload any photos of me. Do you think this honestly affects my chances of getting a job?