Michael Simkins
almost 3 years ago

My advice to people interested in working at #Smith'sFood&DrugStore as a #CourtesyClerk ...

Unless they clearly state how much you'll end up making per hour, and have realistic expectations of what you can do physically or mentally, I'd pass on applying for a Courtesy Clerk position, either part time or full-time, because if they only pay below $8.00 an hour, you'll never afford an apartment or have as much respect as every Courtesy Clerk should, especially if you are a grown man or woman, no self-respectful person with a decent amount of sense and logic would take such a stressful and frustrating job position as that one!

I left Smith's Food & Drug Store on Dec. 2nd, 2016 because I got sick and tired of their bullshit, and my issues at home were affecting my job performance as well, as my father is an utter asshole, had I known that Las Vegas was going to be tough finding good-paying work, because their Vocational Rehabilitation location in Las Vegas was sub-par in comparison to the location in Georgia where I moved from 3 years ago from now and were of no help, I would have never moved here and got lied to about how much money I was going to end up making near the end of my first year working at Smith's since September 2015, which was $7.35 an hour, and when it gets hot, every Courtesy Clerk will feel like they should get paid more when they are clearing the parking lot of shopping carts and bringing them in for the customers to use, and don't get me started with their dress code policies, you can't color your hair unless it's a natural hair color, and you cannot wear your own head gear, and they have no such dress code for the customers, as I have observed many have complained about fellow customers wearing their pants or shorts below their ass, and wearing pajamas in public, I don't care how comfortable they are, it is just as inappropriate as those niggers and white trash who listen to that Rap garbage wearing their pants and shorts inappropriately!

If I had more money than God, I'd buy Kroger and it's sub-companies, like Smith's, and have every store run the same way under my policies and way of doing things, everyone would be expected to dress appropriately inside the store which includes shirts being tucked in, and worn with a belt, also I'd hire a professional janitor to clean the restrooms instead of wasting the Courtesy Clerks time doing it themselves which should not be part of their job description, they should focus their energy and skill on sweeping the store, clearing the lot and bringing in shopping carts and bagging, and being paid what they deserve, which is at least $8.00 an hour!

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