David Mora

I can't understand in this state of Texas you supposedly have jobs that are so wide open but no one.is hiring. The economy is too big out here to have such a minimum hiring rate. Temp services are becoming a joke because employers take their precious time to put people on. I recently declined a job with DHL threw a temp service this morning due to the lack of attention and then the secretary at the temp office given me paperwork, a schedule, not to mention I pass the drug screen but I have to wait on a damn update when I should be getting a start date. Employers do what the fuck they want to do and move at their pace. Eventually I will dive away from employers and do my own thing cause their is no sense of urgency with employers and iam sick of it.

about 3 years ago
Nelson Franco

Hey David Mora , you are right! Hiring plans for companies change all the time. After all, their primary concern is keeping the business afloat so in some respects it's safe to say these instances are to be expected.

BUT, why worry over things you can't control. I totally understand your frustration! There's nothing worst than being put through a lengthy hiring process or on hold after a job offer has been extended.

Unemployment rates across the US are at an all time low but that hasn't diminished amount of workers out there still looking for a job. Right now employers have all the leverage but not all employers with that status exercise professionalism and courtesy. Yet there are still some good employers out there although connecting with them is challenging.

Don't let experiences like these slow you down or loose focus on attaining your goals. Look for immediate hiring opportunities and always use interview opportunities to ask/inquire about the hiring process in order to avoid unexpected delays or setbacks.

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