Jobcase team fighting for you through the wknd.

Part of the Jobcase story is a David-versus-Goliath story where a bunch of really well-meaning, hard-working and good-hearted Quants, Engineers and business people are building this platform with a view that is more about 21st-century union than simply new tech company. We want to democratize big data, and leverage the network effects we can build in this community to advocate for workers more broadly. It's a big vision, but one we think profoundly important. Not just to empower you individually, but to empower one another collectively and force boardrooms to balance capitalism a bit back in workers' favor. But competition runs high and we are building in a land of near-monopolies . These near-monopolies sometimes flex muscles but we fight through it.

Case & point is this weekend (and the past 2). We have companies flexing some near-monopoly muscle in ways that can make it hard for us to serve our members to the full extent that you deserve. It makes no sense, but near-monopolies are rarely available for discussing what does or does not make sense.

But here's what's so inspiring.. while these cause us short-term problems, I am sitting in the office right now, on a beautiful Saturday, surrounded by Jobcase employees who voluntarily gave up their wknds to work the problem. Getting notices to those members who live close to opportunities we have clients promoting so that we can get Jobcasers GREAT new jobs with some really great companies. This team is motivated by feedback in the community of member's success. As salaried employees, they don't get paid more to be here on Saturday. And, they don't celebrate revenue increases for the company - they celebrate helping people. And they know we have to find creative ways to make sure our members get the info they need today - not tomorrow - to drive success in their worklife while the opportunities are here. Especially when near-monopolies make it harder. And they are getting it done! I am blessed to have this team and I thought I would share with the community that often it's an uphill battle to build this platform and properly support our growing community, but behind the scenes here in Cambridge MA are a bunch of awesome people that keep growing this platform by continuing to work through problems that are thrown in our way with the grit and dedication you deserve to have on your side.

Thanks Jobcase Team !

Stronger Together
Onwards & upwards....

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