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You know I don’t even get on this app for posting comments are what ever this app is really for I used this app too make a resume and for jobs . I’m not mad that I made a lot of mistakes in the past but ,I learn form my mistakes . I look around everyone wants something that someone has well I don’t . I like who I am today and I say this becuase a lot of people today are very negative it’s sad sometimes I don’t even think people know that there being negative and some know that they are but swear up and down there trying too give constructive criticism but it’s not really it’s just a power trip too make them selves feel good becuase really for real there not happy in there life are environment that there surrounded by every day . Well I may not be rich and I may not drive a fancy car but I have A high school diploma I’m very intelligent and I achieved a lot of goals in my life I still have more to come so too all don’t let nothing no one stop you stay #Blessed

almost 5 years ago
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