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Zynetta Canning

Hi Alicia, This is a common question. We don't want to miss a job opportunity by not answering the phone however, while on the phone you can let the representative that you are not looking to further your education at this time and would only like to hear about potential job offers. If the call is not something that you find helpful, you have every right to request your phone number be added to the Do Not Call ( DNC) List and your email be unsubscribed. I believe there is a website where you can add your number to a DNC list for all un-wanted calls.

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Fred Goff

Hey Alicia, Easiest thing to do is to just say "please add me to your DoNotCall list, thank you and goodbye". The rep on the other end is legally obligated to put you on a "DNC" list - but just be aware some companies might take up to 24 hours for that to reset their system technically from this request. Also - be careful on any job board you visit to avoid the opt-in boxes for education -- lots of times you are being called because you requested it.

Hope this helps, Fred


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