Michael Carvalho
8 months ago


Good Morning Community,

Happy Valentine's Day to each of you! As we begin this Special Day many people celebrate in a romantic way. However, today let's take a look at this day in another way. Valentine's Day is a day I celebrate for the love of my job. As I started my day I give thanks to another day on this human planet, next I show my children the love I have for them. Now that is out of the way, I continue to work on making it a better day in the workplace. Greeting people is a good way to start. Although sometimes easier said then done. When was the last time you said Good Morning, afternoon to a coworker? Maybe hold a door for someone? Acts of kindness is a part I display on a daily basis. It doesn’t take much to let someone know they can do it too? I also love being able to help people in the workplace succeed. This is how I can make my day a better one too. Valentines Day is a great way to show appreciation for the simple things in life. Taking the time to appreciate what we have and can offer in the world helps make this world a better place. As the year continues we tend to fall into our old habits of whatever? It takes only a minute to change if just practiced? What changes have you made when applying for a job? Have you refreshed your resumes? Your ideas, thoughts on obtaining a job? Maybe changing jobs or career? Why not start today by taking the time to revisit these things? Make a Plan of Action and most importantly put it into Action! Over the past week I have been to Meetings, Events, Community Organizations teaching people How they can make Changes in there life to better oneself and you can too! One of things I enjoy about being a Delegate is the fact I get to meet new people each day. From Fall River, New Bedford, Quincy, Plymouth, Brockton, Boston, Cape Cod, Falmouth, Taunton, Dartmouth, Somerset, Swansea, and today I’m off to Falmouth Massachusetts! Meeting and Greeting people, listening to there concerns regarding the workplace issues we face on a daily basis. This allows me to share with you the things that matter most in our workplace. It also allows me to learn what is taking place in our jobs today. Over the next couple of weeks I will begin topics that matter most to people like me and you! I appreciate any and all feedback you provide on any and all topics I write about! Remember to take a minute to like, share or comment to let me know your thoughts? Happy Valentines Day to each of you!

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Bridgett Irving

That is so nice about holding door for coworkers .