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The health care industry is booming and opportunities are everywhere. The good news is that you don't need a medical degree or previous health care experience to find a job in this industry. Here are three of the most popular roles that health care companies are hiring for that many job seekers can apply to:

  1. Home Health Aide Many terminal, disabled, or elderly patients choose to receive at home instead of in a hospital. Home health aides visit these patients to provide medication, check vitals, and offer company. As a home health aide, you may also perform housekeeping duties such as sweeping or laundry. Unlike many other entry-level healthcare jobs, becoming a home health aide requires no certification or degree. Most employers provide on-the-job training. see Health Aide jobs

  2. Medical Assistant Medical assistants are the front desks at a doctor's office. They greet patients, file paperwork, and schedule appointments. They may also coordinate service with external laboratories, perform some billing duties, or perform small patient tasks such as taking vitals. Most medical assistant positions only require a high school diploma or equivalent. Most of the training is provided on the job. see Medical Assistant jobs

  3. Medical Billing and Coding Specialist The medical industry has a system of codes that ensure that visits and procedures are properly coded and billed to insurance companies and patiences. Most doctors don't have enough time to read through their reports and assign codes so they will hand this work off to specialists to handle the data entry. Many of these positions even allow you to work from home. Medical coding jobs typically don’t require a college degree. There are some certifications you can earn to make yourself a more attractive candidate, but they are not required. see Medical Billing Specialist jobs

If you are not having any luck with online applications, try reaching out to your local doctor's office to see if they are looking for any part time help.

Have you applied to any of these #healthcare roles or worked in any them in the past? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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Lenin PinaCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey John Huang , don't forget Certified Nursing Assistants, (CNA). There's such a high demand for workers in these roles that the US Department Of Labor and several other local state and city agencies have allocated grants and scholarships interested job seekers can use for career training.

The UDOL website is an excellent resource to search for local training subsidies.

Good info here, thanks John Huang