Joshua Adams
over 6 months ago

Desperate for a retail job that'll hire under 15

I need a job so I can get money to save up for a car, I'm 15 I can do math very well, I'm very friendly, I'm up to date and I learn quickly when it comes to electronic anything. My strong suit are math, computers, comforting and I am working on better socializing skills but I do know how to get things done and I know how to present myself professionally. I can only work at places such as Ashland Kentucky, Huntington west Virginia, Ironton Ohio, and wheelersburg Ohio. I do have a reliable transportation. I am in college I have proof but my camera isn't working for this media site. Overall I'm fifteen, desperate for a job that goes with me skills, need my own car, I'll accept any amount of pay.

Janice Reed

Hi Joshua! We have a great group for teens you can join [here] (

I would first suggest checking with your local grocery stores, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, community programs, and retail stores such as Target. You can see if any of these places are hiring by applying in person or using the following steps:

1. Click on Jobs & Companies at the top of the page, or head over [here] (

2. Enter a job into the search field where it says Job Title, Keywords, or Company. Your search for example could be for “cashier,” “tutor,” “server,” etc. Think about what you want to do and type it in!

3. Add in your location by filling in your City and State OR zip code. Then click the magnifying glass to search.

4. Once the list is up, click on “View Job" of any you are interested in and then apply.

Here is a very helpful resource for [jobs for teens] ( to check out as well.

I hope this helps, good luck!