Getting Any Response?

I've applied for just about every job on every single job search website that remotely fits my resume. Some I've sought out, others I've gotten in job alert emails. I even get calls from recruiters offering me jobs that I am very clearly under-qualified for but they ask me for details and information to pursue and set something up for anyway (and I figure, why not?).

Some of the ones I'm applying for I feel like I match what they're looking for perfectly and yet haven't heard a thing from any of them, except one outright rejection which was no big deal, there's still the other 30 jobs I'd applied for. If a job posted THAT DAY and I apply within the first 48 hours, should I expect to wait longer than a week or two to even hear about the possibility for a first or a phone interview? I'm just wondering if this is normal or.. should I apply again to the same jobs with a resume I edited? I had gotten one of those resume reviews that suggested I change it up, so I did, and now I'm wondering if my old resume is better and it's a lot to think about! Thanks.

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