Darlene Smith
over 6 months ago

Peroia ford

I went to a job fair and was invited back for stage2 of the hiring process. So I spend 2 days and $200 for clothes, gas and food to go to the orientation and was offered a job as a receptionist. Was told to wait until 3 p.m. and go to the dealership for an interview with the lady who hires for that department. So I wait the 2 hours and go in for the interview, the woman was a man and a rude one at that. He asked me what I wanted to do? I asked, here at the dealership or in life in general? He said, in life. So I told him that I had always wanted to open a thrift store or a bakery. He looked at me and said,then go put in an application at goodwill or a mom and pop bakery. You can sweep their floors for $10 an hour, because I don't think you would be happy working here. Well hire me and let me decide that, besides you don't know me well enough to judge me that fast. Talk about a rude @$$ he was. I wasn't the only one he was rude to either.

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Erika Ramos

Completely rude and uncalled for.