Thank you everyone that works at JOB CASE and all my fellow jobcasers. I Started my new Contract Job!!

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you all, I started my contract job with Bank of America on Monday. To all you great mentors at Jobcase that assist all of us, I got tears in my eyes today, on my second day. When I reported on Monday, there are 14 in the new hire group. Myself and one other gentleman, are the only contractors. Everyone else are direct hires. The big boss came to meet us, told us all Congratulations for a job well done in our interviews and he told us contractors, I did not hire you to not keep you! If it was not for you all at Jobcase, I would have given up and not taken this job. In reality, once I can get through my contract or BOA pays it out, it is a goldmine in benefits, bonuses and perks. You all helped encourage me to take that step, as I did not like the pay. Looking at the whole picture today, it is not just about the pay, it is the whole package. The culture at BOA is out of this world. I know every company and person, has their defects. All I can say is, they want you to succeed and will help you get to that place. I'm not sure how this will play out, I promise to keep you posted and know I continue to send good thoughts and prayers to all of you searching to find your way and a job/career. After losing my mom and being off for a year to care for her and to heal, being back in the work force even for a few days, has turned me upside down, meaning I'm learning to live again. Jobcase, thanks for giving me my confidence back.




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