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over 1 year ago

Am I Wrong?

I apply for a job on Zip Reqruiters Administrative Assistsnt. I got a message from them that i didn't understand now 8 days later a woman name Esther had reach out to me saying that the job i apply for was taken and the application was forward to her. She stated how she needs a personal assistant since hers just recently got married and move to Canada. She need me to run errands for her, pick up & drop off mail. The errands can be run in my city/state. She'll pay $400 for 2 days a week and would send out the first check before the job even begins. If i consider she needs my information including if i have a bank or not. The main thing that had struck me was towards the end of the email. If i do a good job, then when she comes back we would meet and dicuss more to see if it will be a permanent position for me. In the whole email she never stated that she was out of town. I know that things happen and people lose their assistants all the time but i don't like the fact that she never stated that she was out of town, the only thing she said when she gets back, get back from where i didn't even know u were out of town. And are u even in my state? I don't feel comfortable giving my bank information through email to someone i don't know and i don't feel this comfortable taking this job so ignore it. Am I wrong

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