Age discrimination without the guts to say so.

I’m a 57 year old man with 33 years of supervisory and managerial skills. I’ve ran companies alone, and owned and operated two businesses. My deal was that I liked working with people, and have applied to many companies. Only to be told that they have decided to proceed with other candidates, only to find out that they were much younger than I. I wasn’t asking for 70-100k a year as they were probably were thinking, just a job so that I could get back into the swing of things, and help a company be successful. I also inclusively have 25 years of safety helping companies reduce the amount of work related injuries. It’s frustrating knowing that we seniors can do just as good of a job if not better than the younger generation because of our comparison in skills. Our government needs to enforce companies to employ a 50 50 split of young and older people, so we don’t have another recession of people losing homes, and banks going out of business because of seniors not being able to pay for their homes because of not being able to work. We count on income just as the younger generations do. I hope we get heard and something happens.

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