To prep for an interview you should always...

To prepare for an interview you should always:
- make sure you know about that Company you have applied a job to, their vision, mission, the corporate values, Corporate policy statement.
- Explore all about that Company, what their products and services are, the management especially the head of that organization.
- Prepare all your original certificates, may be used for verification purposes during the interview.
- Have a copy of your CV.
- Find out the direction to that organization if you recede far.
- Make sure to contact all your referees if possible.
- You could also make some revision exercises, revise on the course job applied, not everything is on your fingertips.
- Remember to arrive very early for the interview, an hour hour earlier.
- Remember to carry your Original ID card, your pen and note book.
- Remember to ask some question if necessary.
- Be smart.




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