Frustrated by everything

I have been looking for a full time recruiter or training position for over 6 months. I have put in over one hundred plus application. I have had only a few face to face interviews. The problem is interviewers seem to like me and I feel I interviewed well. I know I interview well. However they know I'm older (61) and 99% of the time the interviewer is much younger in their 30's and when I leave I feel good about the interview but never get a call back. I have over 20 plus years worth of managerial and supervisory skills.

A friend who let me know about a position one time (I never said I knew him and vice versa) said he spoke to the hiring manager and the panel felt I could not only do the job in question but could do all of their jobs. over qualified?? or threatened?? All I need is an opportunity to have a full time job and I won't use a friend to get in. Here is what tops it all off. My wife who had been going through breast cancer just finished all her treatments and is clear and she asks me for a divorce " I want to start over and I have been through a life changing event. Well as long as she is going to be okay I'll be okay.

I am in need a full time job by the end of August. Keep me in your prayers everyone and I will try and keep my chin up... (I'm stressed to the max) If I have to move out of state I will!

Have a good night everyone and be good to each other.


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