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I was at Happy Valley Elementary School for 9+yrs. ,and I loved my Job there. When this New Principal asked me to do a job that normally took two people to do, and that was wiping down all the tops of the tables in the Cafeteria,and then expected me to do it along with my other responsibilities I had to do in just one hour . He knew that I had to have surgery on my both shoulders, and I told him that if he insisted that I do it, then he will be expecting a Law Suit. He then said to me, give me your keys and your are out of here.


Allen Wright

I can really identify with your Termination Mr. Lacus because I also was wrongfully terminated by the Program Manager of S.C.O., not only did she do everything in her power to get me Terminated, but she also tried to denied me unemployment Insurance of which I won in Court. I feel that if people like you and me were to take it to Court we would most certainly win, but because we don't go the full distance Companies like S.C.O. and Happy Valley Elementary School will continue to take advantage of honest hard working people that we represent.

Henrietta Gasque

Hey Paul Im sorry to hear that happen to you yes that was wrong so now its time for you to do what you gotta do try going to the board of education first and tell them what happened and see what they say and if that don't work then file your unemployment then get you a lawyer and sue them for wrongful termination and keep prater it all will work out in your best interest cause God got you God Bless.

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How about getting a note from the doctor about your condition and your pending surgery. Further, take this matter to the Superintendent of the district and send letters to him and the Board of Education. Then find out when their next meeting is and make sure they know what went on. You might have some leverage.......

Shonne Thurmond

What's he's name I'll look him up on sociol media and call him out on it

Mitzie Young

Union cant protect you in right to work state and never threaten to sue because you are causing a hostile work environment, unfortunately I would have terminated you as well next time set a Dr note because then the school would have had to do reasonable accommodations for you sorry not on your side but he has to protect the district

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Sorry Paul I know the feeling I have been terminated for what I work hard for every time I get a nice car not too long after I get fired happened more than twice and still today having a hard time because I have a very nice car that is paid for especially in southern states all you can do is get a good lawyer and move on god will work it out

Dan Seruge

Everyone is talking like they are an attorney. Why don't you people keep your comments to yourself. Wether he is right or wrong, there is two sides to any story. Smart people know this. Stupid people makes assumption and dumb decision.

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Call or write,the national education department. Write or call the department of labor to the afl/cio. Doctors Without Borders also can help you with the incision on both arms for surgery, and what to do about them.

Rodger Baker

well Paul I hope you get a good lawyer and you have a lawsuit,, it's definitely not right how people get treated at their job

Sandra Williams

Wow he was wrong for that and you still have a law suit

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That was a horrible situation that you just went thru!!! I am so sorry for you.

Are you unionized there where you had worked? If so, file an appeal and if the situation is what you stated, it should be and will be reversed. The whole premise of your termination is unjustified.

Now on the other hand, if you are not in a union, you will be fighting a very difficult uphill battle that might not be worth it. Yes, you could win your job back but without the backing of a union, the very vindictive and power hungry Principal with very low self-esteem would just find another reason to canned you. In his or her's pathetic little word, they need that kind of control to hire or fire anyone just to justify their miserable existence in this world. How sad that you became one of their victims. But cheer up Paul, you are still a teacher and you are a much better person than they will hope to ever be. Keep strong and believe in yourself. Take care - Greg

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#1 file for unemployment #2 get a lawyer & sue

Joseph Myrick

I've been asked to tons of things that technically weren't in my job description over the years I just went ahead and did them to show I can take orders and that I willl get the job any job done for that matter. But it probably wasn't the best idea to threaten a law suit to a supervisor in the middle of a shift. Although he should have had another employee do it due to you disability at the time.

Daniel John TovesUsflag

Did you have doctor's orders placing you with limited to very limited duties and on light duty as well. You may have a case I'd get on it right away.

Denise Edwards

I worked in a daycare for 3 years. They took advantage of me too. I was cleaning a lot and developed shoulder pain too. Trust me, they don't care. I got wrongfully terminated too. I didn't want to leave as I loved the kids but they wanted me to change my morals about what I believed was right. Avoid working for schools in the future, they take advantage and they don't care.

Denise Edwards

He was trying to get rid of you. He knew you had surgery coming up on both shoulders and he didn't want you around so he gave you an impossible task so he could wear you down further. Sorry you didn't catch on to that. Never threaten them, it is an easy way out for them to terminate you, unless of course you want out of there. They don't care about you no matter how long you work for them. There is no loyalty. If you cannot do the job whether it is realistic or not and you have physical problems on top of it which they are aware of you are history, no pun intended.