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Ken Arsenault
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So I posted earlier about getting fired from my job because I went on another interview because my current job wasn't giving me 40 hours a week when all our competitors were swamped with work. My company found out I took an interview even though I was up front with them if they couldn't give me 40 hours I would be forced to. Long story short... I have been on unemployment, and was ready to retrain and go back to my last trade... I was waiting for the workforce to approve helping to pay for it, and give me additional weeks of benefits while I was training. I got a call about a technicians job (I am currently doing HVAC/R even though I am a mechanical engineer by trade, and also and have a computer science degree.) They wanted a technician and were paying very well. I interviewed and got a call within 3 hours from corporate and they told me not only did they want to offer me a job, they felt I had more knowledge than anyone they had interviewed and decided I should be a supervisor vs a technician. I will tell you before that news... I was pretty much ready to give up. Sometimes when things seem they are at its worse.... things work out. If you are in the same position... never give up.

over 3 years ago
Lawrence White
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I'm so glad you didn't give up Ken Arsenault ! Despite the roadblocks you pushed ahead. Proud of you!

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