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mean texts

I know managers sometimes use texting for communicating with employees like sending out a schedule but do you think it is right for them to text about other things? Like my manager will make comments when he sends the schedule to me like “don’t oversleep. I am not coming to wake you up.” Or he’ll send a text about not coming into work hungover! Not to everyone, just me. I’ve never been late and I’ve NEVER gone to work hungover…

How am I supposed to deal with this?


Cathy Webb

Have you asked him why he says these things? He may be a goof with no sense of how to manage. Sounds like he needs to grow up.

Andrew Swensson

Ask the person directly if they are intending to be generating paperwork to encourage you to move on. If not you need to answer it .

Charles Lehner

Sue him, HR Director and company. Now!

Beatrice Aldebol

That is ridiculous advise..

Eric White

Don't take it so seriously. Save the texts, sometimes people have no idea that they are being offensive. Many times it is just perceived that they are being condescending. Instead of asking a community of people which is not wrong my recommendation would be to speak with him directly about it, get his side of things. Being a military veteran I have dealt with many different personalities and have learned that many are not intentionally being mean. Some just seem to have less tact than others, or a poor sense of humor. Hope this helps.

Dina Toppi

Is this a company supplied phone or your own. Just wondering.

Beatrice Aldebol

Hi Mike,
As an HR Mgr. I would go, and report this to your HR person, and show them the texts.

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Hi Michael I believe that your manager is wrong and that is extremely unprofessional to send messages like that. You should talk to HR to get that situation solved and show them the text messages. I had a problem with being a customer in a store and a manager talking inappropriately to me and I left a message on their website and the president of the company and his district manager called me to get the problem fixed. Stay calm mike and ignore his behavior until HR fixed it

Joseph Ferber

If you've NEVER been late or hungover, then ADDRESS a private meeting with him and ASK why he would make those fallacious comments about you!

Karen Oree

hey Michael happy new year, ok I got you , in a respectful way, tell him that the comments that he says to you; is not fitting to you ;; so can he find some thing to fit you; or you can help him out , what can he say that would make you say ok ,you got me and go from there . love Karen glad to help

Nolan Snell

There s nothing wrong with texting. How is that different than if he just called you? Sounds like he is joking. Maybe he actually LIKES you and doesn't realize you don't like what he considers good natured ribbing. Kidding around is part of the workplace; possibly you should just kid hm back a little?