Tiffany Salling
over 6 months ago

Lyft Driving in Los Angeles, CA Lyft Driver Code: TIFFANY57571

Los Angeles, CA Lyft Driver Code: TIFFANY57571

For those of you who have access to a vehicle and insurance that supports Ride Share, try Lyft. I went out my first night and made 63.00 early this morning my friend needed a Lyft ride to the airport and i made another 27. Lyft does take a partial commission, but its minimal at best, its like 25%. Lyft offers freedom of flexibility, work when you want to, and they offer express pay in case you need money right away and dont want to wait for payday (the fee is like $0.50, you do have to have more than 5.00 in your Lyft account to withdraw)

I love it, my fiance has been driving longer than me and he already made enough to cover our bills in just a couple of days. My favorite part is the fact that I get to keep 100% of my tips, as Lyft only takes its commission from the fare cost. At the end of literally 4 hours of actual drive time I made 90 and that was on my first time out.

This isn't a replacement for a regular job, but guys let me tell you it does set my mind at ease that I have something coming in to handle my smaller bills and the better part is that when I get my new job I can work this around that schedule, hell I can even get a part time job and work the schedules out and if I dont feel like driving, no problem there isn't a boss to answer to...except myself.

Like many I was really skeptical about it and reading some of the negative stories and reviews of Lyft, most of them are unfounded at best. However I will warn you it is what you put into it. We are private contractors, and it is commission based, but Lyft has a better community and you get to rate the passengers. I would love to tell you more, but....well see for yourself, and if nothing else its a great way to make extra Christmas Cash for the holidays that are coming up. Just give it a try. Use the referral code at the beginning of this message

Good luck! I hope it helps.

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Phyllis Hammonds

Hi Tiffany, I'm glad you're finding the Lyft experience beneficial so far. I thought about going that route last year and must have spoken to a dozen Lyft and Uber drivers about their work experience. Surprisingly, all of them Loved the experience and were driving FT.

Some chose to drive for a min daily income, like $200 a day, while other had hourly goals (8 hrs per day) but they all made descent money. I've been noticing more people choosing Lyft over Uber recently. Must have something to do with that commission structure. Anyway good luck and keep at it!!

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