Monica Hatris
about 1 month ago

My most interesting story from work is

My experience with my old job was being treated unfairly after helping build dead store locations for Ratner. Hair Cuttery Upper managements bossed dont examine people’s performance over liars coming against them. Favoring unproductive people based on there culture. Even though they new in my 10 plus years I performed according to there standard someone that disliked me started stressing me to affect my work performance manipulating my hula lesson staff. Even though I fully represented the company even doing videos promoting the company no one called to check on me except a few of my staff once I was gone The store was left with people I was still trying to fully train son Evergreen a new location that is now closed. I am disappointed in my experience even though I learned an thought a lot. I was apparently nothing to them. Could have sewed but I let God fight my battles. I new I did a good job only to be mocked by someone who’s esteem needed an ego boost at the expense of me loosing my job. A store that could have been a million dollar or more closed.

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Jeff Li

It's annoying when there's one bad apple that turns things sour. And then management sides with them. Keep your head high, monica!