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Elyssa Duncan
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When I was preparing to make a shift in my career, I was nervous because I felt as though I didn’t have enough relevant experience for my desired role. Luckily, I realized the tremendous amount of transferable skills I had learned from my internships and many years in the hospitality industry.

Transferable skills are "naturally learned" skills that are non-job specific and can be used across any occupation. Many are commonly known as soft skills, and they include things like problem-solving, leadership, communication and time management.

A few years ago, I was applying for a Funder Relationships role, but I didn’t have any prior experience dealing with external partners in an office setting, one of the main job requirements. However, I knew I was skilled in communicating with others! I was very comfortable interacting with various audiences thanks to my experience as a server. This proved to be an excellent talking point during my phone screening! I was able to demonstrate my knowledge of communicating with different audiences through a few brief examples. I was also able to illustrate my ability to multitask, organize and work effectively with other team members.

Curious about how you can translate your skills? Check out part two of this mini-series where I discuss how you can prepare for your next interview.

In the meantime, what are some #TransferableSkills you have?!

over 4 years ago
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Soft skills are so very important in work (and life) to develop and recognize. Here on Jobcase they're called "Traits." Editing your Jobcase profile to reflect your traits can really help you to determine what your key transferable skills are and how they help you be a more effective employee.