Ron Lemley

My ideal job would be a dual immersion teaching position for the lower grades. My focus would be on literacy and I would be willing to put in extra time for remedial readers. In the past, I have offered after school and before school reading classes that emphasized reading and writing in English and Spanish.

over 5 years ago
Lisa Renwick

Hi Ron. Happy New Year. Where do you live? I live in deep deep south Texas and we are always looking to hire good teachers who do focus on literacy and remedial readers. Spanish is the main language spoken down here and your skills could be put to excellent use. You may want to google Cameron County school district. under the title jobs and careers. Or just try to google BISD, Los FesnoISD, San Benito ISD.. There are so many little towns down here plus a couple of colleges and vocational schools. I have no idea where you live or if you even want to relocate. Google schools in your area and see what may happen. Also, we give English lesson in San Benito at the library every Tuesday and Thursday.. So you might try googling or calling libraries in your area to see of they might have some sort of program. We are down here 10 minutes from South Padre Island and approximately 20 minutes from Old Mexico. Good luck and I hope this gave you some ideas. Lisa Renwick