Jaden Perry
about 1 month ago

How do I get a high paying job to help support my mom and families needs at 16 years old?

My family isn’t in the high paying class, sometimes we go whole days without eating and have to wait until the next month to get stamps so i’m looking for a high paying job so my household can have a consistent income. I also want ta help get my younger siblings things they desire because it honestly hurts seeing my mom telling hurting and telling her own children they can’t get something.

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Jeff Li

Hey Jaden, I admire your drive to help you mom and family through this tough time.

One popular job that teens can do in the summer (with minimal gear/supplies) is car washing / window cleaning. Dog walking / baby sitting is also popular but might pay less. The article below has a bunch of other ideas. But please make sure to stay safe especially when dealing with strangers online. Best of luck! https://wellkeptwallet.com/ways-teens-make-money/