Hi folks. I was wondering what can I do about my recent termination. I was a sanitation tech for a major drink distributor in my area. I was contracted to work there. I did my job for 2 and a half years with little to no complaints. None of the people I started with are there any more. They have high turnover rates and most people have quit and a few were fired.

To make a long story short. Our point of contact person was a small Indian guy that was not very friendly or personable towards me or my work crew. He only talked with us if he had to and even then it was through a complaint to my supervisor, btw, who just left too, to go drive trucks after 2 years.

One co worker did nothing every single night. He literally stood around and talked to the beverage company employees he'd befriended, all night. When it was time to do work, he often had none of his job finished and would stay over a couple hours to get caught up. Even though they shift was 10p to 5 am. He'd leave at 7 or 8 and they let him do this but made everyone else leave at 5.

Everyone saw this and management did absolutely nothing about him. He did this for almost 18 months then he just up and quit one day without warning. He'd find a hiding place and go sleep or sleep out in his car.

Anyways, my point of contact was particularly nasty towards me. I could see him coming towards me, like passing in a hallway. he would not acknowledge me in the least, Not even glance my way. no matter how many times I tried to be friendly and greet him, he was always this way with me.

I was the only female with all males. His aloof attitude was similar to the men, but over time he would at least speak to them, me on the other hand. It was always like he had a problem with me. We never had words or anything, he was like this from the beginning.

I told another co worker about this. He was someone I could trust to not go back and say anything. But he was surprised to hear this about this guy. he was assuring me that hes very down to earth likeable and all didn't have a predjudice bone in him.. I told him I never saw that side of him.

I wont say he was predjudice, but he did act like I was beneath him. Or gave off those vibes. Maybe because I was a woman, or a black woman? I don't know

But needless to say, he was the main one who got me fired. He felt like I didn't do my job to his specification. although I did it for two years, the same job, 6 days a week and no complaints before.

Then out of the blue he comes with this. My supervisor told me he had to do something, because since I was contracted to work there, this was the client , he had to do what they wanted. He seemed genuinely sad to do fire me.

Saying he had to remove me from the site, but I was still with the contractor company. He gave me a point of contact to see about another job placement, but since then, I have called this person for the last almost month, he will not answer his phone nor will he return my call

I also heard that employees who stay a year will get a paid vacation week for every year they work and stay. I am owed 2 paid weeks if thats true.

None of the HR will answer the phone nor will they return my call either. HR is 3.5 hours away, so I cant drive over and talk to anyone. They are not local.

My supervisor was put at another site to clean, and he is of no help either.

What can I do about this. There was no employee handbook gave out when Iw as hired. They are a small family owned company so the benefits they did offer were little to none. But there was never any talk of what they did and didn't offer. Everyone played days off by ear. we were ususally told the night of or before about holidays and some were paid but a lot were not.

They will not answer the phone. what can I do. I expect to be working soon, possibly the next week or so. but until then, what can I do about my old company?

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