Rosanne Pickering
over 2 years ago

HR for Help... Not good idea

I really need to know if this is ok! Here is my story. I have worked for a company out of CA for 2 1/2 years. I am in NE. A particular person from the team I worked on, was involved in my interview, as manager was in CA. This person also trained me. I liked her, thought of her as my supervisor, which she was not, but only direct contact. We worked together the whole time, along with 1 other, who just retired after 18 years. This other person was in CA as well. She had informed me that my direct co worker does not like me, has it out for me for some reason, is very competitive and doesn't like to lose. Well throughout the 2 years I have seen this. She basically told me that if she had the power I would have been gone after 2 months. She always corrected my grammar, made a voodoo doll of me and put tape over its mouth, and threw me under the bus after telling me...what would it hurt? (this was about a pet cam that I had and a girl wanting to know who was messing with these dolls on her desk) I set it up for over night found out it was cleaning crew no biggie, but when I got to work, that cam was in yet a different managers desk. I have had 4 managers. This one was onsite. I got in trouble for this and it was part of my review. Which also this coworker did the peer feedback for my review and lied about a couple things. Needless to say I did not get a raise at all. Now we are on manager number 4. My co worker got to her before I could talk to her about my problems with her. She was in Omaha twice and did not have a one on one with me. I even asked if the 3 of us could have a meeting so as to all be on the same page. Well co worker was made Team lead no problem, she deserved it, i liked her, I even went out and bought her a couple things for congrats and decorated her cube. I was always able to work from home on Mondays, all of a sudden this was taken away. I found out it was because co worker had to call and wake me up one time then I said I will work from from home because the night before i was injured really bad and almost lost a thumb. She said I will tell manager and u figure how to make up time. Well she didn't tell her I guess at least the part about working from home. In November I had shoulder surgery, the doctor released me to work from home but manager wouldn't let me. That sucked trying to get to work and carry everything. I would be in tears by the time I got to my desk. Instead of going to managers boss, I finally went to HR (I thought they are supposed to help with issues at your job), for issues with co worker, the no 1 on 1's with manager in town, and about my shoulder and not being able to work from home. Well after that I was put on a performance improvement plan, from 2/12 thru 3/13, which my performance was better than most, all high metrics, low to 0 back log, exceptional surveys, etc. Manager had said in a meeting over the phone that I threw her under the bus. I did not know what she meant at that time. (going to HR for help I guess) This performance plan was intended for me to fail. One page said I asked co worker now Team lead a bunch of different things. That's what we are supposed to do ask the team lead. Well now I have contacted managers boss, whom I know and he has seen some of my great surveys,told him what going on (which I'm sure he already knew their side) Told him I loved my job and did not want to lose it. NO REPLY! Told the co worker, manager, HR and him, via email that I was going to ask co worker to help me improve my performance as she is the one who has the problem with me and I did ask her, with NO REPLY from her or any of them. Next day 3/9 I went into an office for my yearly review via phone meeting. It was said...I know you still have a few days left on this performance plan but we have decided to TERMINATE you immediately. How can this even happen???? RETALIATION from going to HR for HELP? Co worker dont like me??? I do not understand this and am totally heartbroken, MAD, and a few more choice words. I have applied for at least 70 jobs since 3/9/2018 with no luck, unemployment money will be running out soon. My life has been ruined by this one person. A high paying company, the best job I have ever had, that I was good at and loved, has been taken away from me unfairly. WHAT do I DO? Please anyone, IDEAS??? Thanks

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Ashley Wilson

Oh my gosh!! You had me at voo doo doll. That individual sounds mentally unstable and aggressive. It's lucky that you are not in that situation anymore where you have to face her and feel uncomfortable. I am so sorry!

I would keep looking and applying. Make sure to follow up once you have. On average it can take anywhere from 1-2 months. For me it was 4 but everyone is different. Hang in there!!

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Robert Church

Hello Rosanne, maybe I can help and maybe I can't. First let me ask, have you ever been terminated before? If you have, why? I only ask this because i do see a problem in what you wrote and it may be a case where I can help you better understand how to interact in these type of situations. Often we get tied up in these situations and we begin reacting in such a way that will escalate things in a negative manner. Do I think the other person is right and you are wrong? Absolutely not. But life seems to happen and when it comes to someone's perception it hardly ever is about right and wrong anyways. Too many people try to put things into these right and wrong boxes and then all of the sudden reality seems to get involved. Let me know the answers to my questions and we can go on.