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over 1 year ago

Is it plugged in?

I was blessed in 2014 to join a team of professionals working toward the common goal of making the community we live in healthier. As a team, my cohorts and I opened a new healthcare facility. There were many challenges and we worked to resolve each one and continued to build success. In a time when so many are reducing or laying off, we expanded. In a one-year period, we built three new health care facilities; we increased our resources and helped to fill the gap in services where they had once been unavailable. That success continues to build to this very day.

But life is filled with ebbs and flows. On the afternoon of November 3, 2016, I found myself being let go for performance issues… not my individual performance issues—no, that was clear. Rather, the performance of a piece of software that was chosen by my predecessor and one that I attempted to replace. The failure that occurred happened prior to my appointment, but in the world of business, accolades are shared with the team, and failures rest squarely on the boss, whomever is in charge. I was the boss, I accept the full responsibility, I accepted the termination.

No one, but no one did anything TO me. I accepted the position: all the good and all the bad. That includes the fact that anyone can be fired at any time. It is the risk that we take. Just as I live by this truth, I was let down by my boss. Yes, I was angry. My anger wasn’t for being let go, rather it was because he neither had the decency to say it himself nor to even look at me -- this man who had recently told me that I was doing great work and no complaints—this man could not bring himself to utter a single word of, well, anything. I sat in his office, there with the statue-like figure of my boss and the Human Resources Manager—she did all the talking.

In the 60 plus days that have passed, I have experienced silence. Grief. Anxiety. Fear. No calls. No interviews, no responses. I keep getting offers from “franchises”, fake ads that COSTCO is hiring, recruiters that will help me for a small fee of $5000!!, and some prince that says he wants to send me a bunch of money. Look, I’m not an insurance salesman, and I have no interest in selling coupons door-to-door. I am (or was) a CIO, you know, the “IT guy”.

My point of posting this is not to look for pity (unless it’ll get me a job). I am part of this group…the “unemployed”. I’m not giving up. I’m not giving in. I am still applying. I’m reading. I’m writing. I’m organizing my home. I’m helping my friends and I’m even looking at buying a business- which will certainly wipe out every resource I have. Talk about risk. I digress— my point is that I will be gainfully employed again. But even still, I remain in a place to help whomever I can… computer or otherwise, I just need to find a way to get paid for it.

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