Stephanie K

Having success largely depends on the habits that you repeatedly make which shapes your life.

Habits can make or break your existence as it affects your source of happiness and success. Some habits are more powerful than others and simply put; your everyday habits determines your attitude and future progress both in life and in your career.

Practice Meditation This is a powerful habit that will train your mind to relax by freeing it from negative or stressful thoughts. Mediation from my experience promotes a sense of calm, assist in reduces stress; one of the major causes of sleep deprivation, and fatigue. In summary, meditation will keep you healthy and improve your performance in every aspect of your life.

Practice Gratitude Often overlooked, gratitude is a powerful practice that brings enormous change to your life and career. A simple thank you makes you seem more friendly, attractive and trustworthy to others. Practicing gratitude enhances your psychological health by purging toxic emotions such as acrimony, by increasing your levels of happiness day in and day out. Then you will eventually start feeling more resilient to traumatic and stressful events, with a reduce temptation to react, thus help you make better decisions.

Self-Motivation Self-Motivation is the ability to stay motivated for one's own interests. It's the key ingredient to living a successful life. It allows you to discover your strengths and weaknesses, by which you can fortify the former and overcome the latter. Self-Motivation allows you to become more independent, be more ambitious in achieving your goals based on your abilities. In return you will experience more self-discipline in controlling your thoughts and actions. This will bring out your best attributes!

Overcome the Fear of Failure We all have this fear and I've learned that it's harmful and a negative habit that will stop you from achieving your potential. It's impossible to go through life without failure, but overcoming your fear of failure is a huge step that will guide your life and career in the right direction. To overcome this fear - you must embrace failure as a learning process. When you learn from your mistakes, you develop both in your personal and professional life. What more could you want?

Have a Clear Vision Your vision is the road map of your life. It puts you on your intended destination that also focuses on your efforts to stick with the road you have set for yourself. Only your vision allows you to transform your dreams into achievable realities by giving you a sense of purpose.

Invest in Self Care I can't stress how important this is especially in the fast-paced world we live in. We often forget to how vital is it to care for ourselves. A failure to do so can set us back. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. Self-care refers to activities which are done regularly to reduce stress. Some things such as exercise, following a healthy diet, or getting full 8 hrs of sleep etc. In summary, you want to reduce as much stress as you can and boost your long term well being.

Active Listening The concept of good communication involves both listening and hearing. Listening is the process of paying full attention and focus on what you hear and fully understanding it. It's a powerful habit to develop as it has a massive influence on both of your personal and professional relationships.

Good listening skills can help expand your knowledge and reduce misunderstanding with others. Active listening also makes you more likable which creates a feeling of goodwill in your relationships. :)

Self-Development I'm all about investing in yourself so you are better prepared to manage the challenges that may come your way. This allows you to identify the values and beliefs you wish to pursue in your life/career. It also determines the major areas of your life that you need to improve on. Such as furthering developing a skill for a better sense of direction to increase your value. Self-development enables you to nurture your skills and make most of your relationships in life.

Maintain Positive Relationships Having strong relationships in life are vital habits that brings positive changes in your life/career. As humans, we are social animals, and our success is largely built on the type of relationships we have with others. Positive relationships provide you with the much-needed support in tough times, and it is the best way to stay strong and optimistic.

Avoid Self-Comparison It is inevitable that we will sometimes compare our achievement to others. This habit can lead you down a negative spiral as it has many shortcomings. To avoid this nasty habit, you need to recognize your uniqueness and what makes you special. Everyone has their own gifts and talents that belongs only to them. Also, you MUST celebrate your accomplishments and push yourself to achieve more. This will highlight your abilities and increase your personal confidence!

Follow your passion, not a paycheck!

over 3 years ago
Steven Ransom

Great minds think alike. Thank you, Stephane K. No individual has sufficient experience, education, native ability, and knowledge to ensure the accumulation of a great fortune, without the cooperation of other people. The noblest human relationships are those that have been formed in a spirit of cooperation and harmony. Cooperation, in many ways, is the physical manifestation of your care and concern for your fellow man and woman.