Practice Your Pitch!

You may only have 30 seconds to make a favorable first impression at the Cincinnati Works job fair. Company reps from your target companies are going to be fielding questions and having conversations with hundreds of eager job seekers during the event.

Catch their attention with an expertly crafted Elevator Pitch! The foundation of any good Elevator Pitch is to communicate what you do, what your goals are, and what makes you unique. You want to be memorable, so don’t be afraid to use bold and descriptive vocabulary to paint a colorful picture of who you are professionally. The final key to a truly captivating Elevator Pitch is delivery. You need employers to buy your pitch, but if you can’t convey the words you chose in a confident and heartfelt manner, even the best Elevator Pitch will feel flat and disingenuous.

Like with anything, practice makes perfect! Practice on your friends, family, pets— anyone who will listen. Practice early and often and gather as much feedback as you can from others. That way, when you get to the job fair, you’ll have your Elevator Pitch totally down pat and you can focus on using it to connect with potential employers.

So what’s your pitch sound like? Click “Reply” and submit your Elevator Pitch below to receive feedback, pointers and encouragement from other Jobcasers.

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