Kevin Christopher
7 months ago

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Worst day at last job. As a Navy instructor, I have the confidence to teach co-workers, my worst day was when I learned my advancement was put on hold to accommodate moving of overhires in other branches on base to open authorized job opening. Within 3 hours realized the new boss had no Historic Buildings or archaeology skills or knowledge. Spent many hours educating him with basics of each position in my program. Only after 80+ plus hours of training to have him systematically state he doesn't understand each and every project sent to him for final divisional sign off. Over the last 3 years I continually had to correct or modify contract standards to meet minimal federal and state standards.

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John Huang

Kevin Christopher thats a tough and frustrating situation to be in. Thank goodness you were able to step in. I hope someone else can do the same with you gone. What are you looking for in your next role?