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Can jobcase help me get well-paid professional tutoring work?

I'm one of the best Professional English Tutors in Metro Los Angeles. I love English and studying, and I need access to motivated students who want to improve their English skills as well as their G.P.A. Can you help me?


Alyssa Hicks

Hey Robert,
Thanks for posting on Jobcase! I actually found a bunch of English tutor jobs in your area. Check them out and you can apply for any you're interested in.

You can also search for other jobs you might like by using these steps:
1.Click on “Jobs & Companies” at the top of the page
2.Enter a job into the search field that says “Position”
3.Click on the blue button to search for that position in your area
4.Once the list is up, click on the title of any you are interested in to apply.
Let me know if you need anymore help!

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Hi. I have a bachelor's degree in literature. I have an on call substitute teaching job, it's impossible to live on a monthly paycheck and no jobs availability. I'm looking for an entry level stable job to use my bachelor's degree background. I will appreciate help.