Andey McFarlin
over 3 years ago

Back in the work force!

Finished my week of training and starting in my new job. I worked for 10 years in the medical field as an ultrasound tech but lost my job when we were bought by a larger company. About the same time, my elderly grandparents needed full time care, so I did that while they provided for me. After they both passed, and then needing a new roof on the house, money was getting tight and I started applying. It seemed no one was interested. I even tried employment agencies. I reworked my resume and got a call from a senior living facility. I had applied for dining room staff with my new resume, even though that wasn't one of my stronger skills. I like working with seniors so I figured it's a good "foot in the door" opportunity. I was asked to interview that same day, and when I met with HR, they offered me a caregiver position. I had mentioned that I had taken care of my grandparents for 5 years. That made a good impression. I took the job. It's not full time but it is what I needed.
The moral of this is maybe not to leave things out of your resume. Something you have done in your life might be a beneficial skill employers are looking for.

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Esther Pascal

Congrats Andey! That's awesome, keep us posted on what happens next in your career path