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I'm looking for a job for a long time. I am deaf who eagers to work on the job position that matches my major which I'm taking courses to refresh my memory on the current times I like to challenge something new on that job position, but any company did not understand my skills or challenges. I did ask for the career advisor/job developer for help. They did help me finding it, but no one interested in me. I was told that most companies did not want to hire the deaf person with the major after they find out that the individual is deaf. They threw away the applications. Only few companies and restaurants did hire them that did not match their majors. That is really hard on any of us. Any suggestions?


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Okay, so I had to take a look at your profile to get a better understanding of your background. Look’s like your field of study is Accounting. Your profile also shows you have over 16 years of Legal Processing Support experience. Most employers are hesitant to be more inclusive of disabled applicants because they’re not familiar or don’t understand how or if the disability will interfere with the overall job performance. Fear of not being able to provide the necessary workplace accommodations, if any, is always a defining concern. It’s illegal, however, for any company or organization with more than 15 employees to discriminate to employ a “qualified worker with a disability” and are required to provide “reasonable accommodations” for individuals with disabilities. Finding the right career job is going to involve a dual effort in your case.

First - you have to convince employers that you’re a “qualified” applicant. Make sure you have the degree completed and you can prove at least 80% of the job requirements and qualifications on your resume.

Second - It’s your job to convince employers that you can perform the duties and responsibilities with little to no workplace accommodations. Think of additional equipment, environments, and/or workspaces you can or prefer not to work in and prepare yourself to make a convincing argument to potential employers.
Don’t forget to network. Use some of those relationships you’ve managed to establish in the legal office and at school and use them for unpublished job leads. Start here, facebook, google, or linkedin this woman and network with her for career search tips. (

Genevieve Legrand

Hello Carolyn,
I am sorry you have had difficulty in your job search. I found this site that I think might be a good resource for you:
Best of luck to you!

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Private consulting in the occupations of your choice.. I'm sure there are people in this world that prefer to function in a more spiritual realm.. It takes a unique kind of person to understand that communication is more than just the transmission of sound.. Your employer is out, there! Try to narrow your search. Isolate components of your profession that do not require the hearing sense... Can they be specialized or retained in an advanced forum? Best of everything!