Termination Conspiracy

Today I overheard some disgruntled co-workers conspiring a plot against our new supervisor to get him fired for claims of unjust treatment, discrimination, and what sounded like subtle acts of sexual harassment. Of course, I know none of this is true.

I have an active job so I’m constantly moving around the office and usually see what everyone’s up to. I’ve never noticed him getting out of line with anybody or talking to employees behind closed doors. I think he’s just another eager young man with tons of ambition and a firm commitment to quality. Aren’t those strong American work values anymore? Yeah, he can be a bit of a micromanager sometimes but nothing this department’s work performance doesn’t merit.

They’re just angry because the company finally hired a department leader that’s finally holding people accountable for their work. They’ve already managed to railroad two other supervisors out of the same job and I can see the same thing happening to this poor guy. He hasn’t even been 90 days and already they want to get rid of him.

I’m dying to call them out on their BS allegations but I don’t want to get into any personal arguments or physical confrontations that are going to get me fired. I’m truly at a crossroads here. There’s got to be a way to stand up for good people!!

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