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Lucinda Kerrigan
over 6 months ago

Just got hired

Hi y'all! I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to keep the faith and not give up on looking for work. Since 2009, I've been unemployed and today I just got hired at a great place! I am not wanting to disclose where or doing what because of the circumstances and I am being asked to kept confidential by my new employer. But I will say that the people are very decent and hospitable people. Its in the city I live in too so I can not worry about getting a new car too soon. I need to save money for paying student loan forgiveness taxes. I start tomorrow. I don't know my salary yet but I can volunteer maybe but a part time income besides my SSDI check would help pay groceries and uncle Sam well you know the IRS. I didn't file taxes this year because my student loan provider said I didn't have to but Social Security said I might so I was confused. I'll just wait and see what the IRS does. I am under income monitoring period for three years. I can only make $6,000 per year or $500 per month. So if the pay is more than that my check will be cut $2 per each $1 I make. I feel I need my medicare and Medicaid still to pay my doctor and medicines. So I'll let the boss know I can only earn up to $500 per month. But what they can't do is track cash. What if I had a safe in my home. I dare the government to attempt to break in here! Lol I am just relieved that I finally got something after 8 long years. I'm so happy I wanna cry...I'll still come on here to chat with you guys but only when I'm off duty. God bless Jobcase! #hired #job #just #new

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Genevieve Legrand

That's wonderful to hear, Lucinda! Congratulations!