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Donald Crunk
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So...I was working at New job had been there 5-6 months when one me and two other guys got sent for random drug test at the clinic ...Note the guys that got sent with me where both Managers....well we went and took the Dt..the next week got results everything was all normal...for continued on working.....I seemed to be moving up the ladder fairly quick...actually kinda jumped together two guys who had been there awhile...well one the guys didn't like that at forward a month or two From There...I received a injury at work that was causing. Severe pain...neck..head...shoulder drawing up....I would litterally wake up couple times a night in the point of almost driving my head in the wall....I was seeing and ortho and having Cts...x-rays...and was scheduled for Mri....almost had problem solved...well I got a call one day after I left Dr office telling me that I was fired....because the guy who I had ..I apparently made angry because I jumped him on a promotion told that he had helped me pass the drug test....8 months prior I'm like what is going on here....almost as if I was being pranked or something...anyway I got terminated. And guy that went told that stuff...guess thought he had got me ....which he did...but apparently they had problems with him getting folks written up and they had been wanting to get rid of him o was told....anyway I got fired for a druhscreen that was clean....and while I had just injured mysleft. At work.....They cancelled my insurance...1 day before my I was hurt and no insurance or job....and later found out that they had just had2 other men before me that was out having to have surgery on backs....necks etc......corruption at if finest...and seems as tho...there nothing you can do about it...I don't know

about 5 years ago
Ashley Wilson
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Content Manager at Jobcase

Hi Donald Crunk . It sounds like there are a lot of things going on in this situation. My advice is if you feel you have been discriminated against and were fired illegally is to seek out some legal advice. I would also look for a new job right away.

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