mark walls
over 6 months ago

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I have an idea I get post all the time from this site people stating they had bad interview or no interviews at all the bottom line is look more other places sometimes when you get interviews for 15 minutes I can be a good thing or a bad thing happened to me it Winn-Dixie I now work in security it's so easy to get a d license I encourage anybody to go become a security guard today unarmed or armed guards there looking for you by no means do not become an Uber or Lyft driver we stopped making Uber and Lyft Rich cuz you're not going to get rich find a career find something you love security work is not bad that paste between 12 and $15 an hour but sitting here in posting that basically you're crying that you haven't got a job maybe this is the wrong form to do it in are others I have my resume on several sites including indeed

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Nelson Franco

Great tip mark walls , thanks for sharing. Did you get your Security D license as part of the 'on the job training' at you new job or is this something you didi on your own before applying?

This is very helpful information for other members interested in landing these jobs. Thanks in advance mark walls

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