WE are a few hours away from the 2019 Citywide Jobfair and YOU GOT THIS!.

Be Confident! This is going to be great for 4 reasons.

1) YOU ROCK! In all of human history there is no one like you. You have a lot to offer employers to help them achieve their goals. You know this. You have already shown how motivated you are by signing up and showing up. Focus on the best aspects of you when you talk to them today and be sure to translate why that is good for them. (i.e. I'm really good with people, so when I work retail customers tend to come back all the time increasing your floor traffic). etc. Point is - be confident - and dont be afraid to brag a bit. You deserve it and they want to know it.

2) EMPLOYERS NEED YOU. 100 employers are here to hire people. They dont want to turn people down, they want to get people in. This is your game to lose. Its a tight labor market and they need hires. And they want great hires. You are a great hire.

3) CUL and JOBCASE GOT YOUR BACK! We will be all over this fair to help answer questions, give support and advice, and make sure you have a good time.

4) ICE CREAM! In addition to professional head shot photos that you can get and other resources inside the job fair - we have ice cream trucks for after. (everything better with ice cream!).

So, Dress for success today. Dont forget to wear a smile. And please say Hi! I can't wait to meet Chicago Jobcasers in person and the rest of the team feels the same.

Get psyched. this is gonna be a GREAT DAY! And Good Luck!

Your friend, Fred

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