Sherri. Jackson
over 6 months ago

HR Consultant

I was fired from a job after 20 years for speaking out. I worked for a large beverage company in HR for 20 years. It was a very high volume and stressful job at this Fortune 100 company. At the beginning of the year the company acquired another company with thousands of employees. Needless to say, the hours at the end of the previous year and the months to follow in 2016 were outrageous getting the new employees on payroll and on benefits. Even worse, no resources were added to help with all the new employees. After complaining many times to my director manager and eventually in front of top management about the long hours and asking for help and relief, I was suddenly fired. Although I told management I needed to be out of the office for one reason that wasn't true, which was wrong, I really needed to work at home because I was beyond stressed out. I worked on weekends and the any vacation days as a routine. I usually worked from home 2 days a week already, so I worked an additional 3 days at home . The reason I was given for being fired was because I worked at home and should have come in the office. The company knew I worked those 3 days as they of course pulled down all the emails, data bases I accessed, etc that showed all the work, but decided to fire me any way. I was walked out, no severance, they fought my unemployment and even "mistakenly" reversed my last paycheck and overdrew my account. I was so devastated. Although it was acknowledged I worked, it was because I should have come in. I know it was unfair and it's been hard to deal with. I am gainfully employed with a great job. However, in a state where one can be fired for anything, I am the poster child for a "at will" state firing. Oh, did I mention, in 20 years I had never had any written or verbal warnings, EVER. Thank God for my faith and strong friends and family who DID NOT LET ME BECOME A VICTIM.

Debbie Parker

Woah, please tell me you got that taken care of! That can't reverse a paycheck. It honestly sounds like you had a big case against them. Glad you have something new though.