Susan Kutner
over 6 months ago


BEWARE of AAA Quality Home Repairs - I was hired January 9th. He had already hired others that did not work out for his home based office. His ad said 20+ per hour but the first day he told me $18 until the 90 day probationary period was over. Well, I was completely alone in the office, he was so "busy" that He wouldn't let me ask him any questions (not even on the phone) I tried to reconcile his Quickbooks balance with his bank balance but I had no log-ons, no paperwork such as bills, etc. (he would deposit checks via Iphone and I had to scan his email to see if there were any, didn't know who from or what for - long story short he let me go after 8 days - still hasn't paid me - all of our agreements were verbal. Initially he said that I "misrepresented" myself, sure, with 20+ years of experience, then he said he didn't have the money. I have filed an L&I claim against him to get my money. LESSON LEARNED - try to have a written, signed contract before you start working! Susan

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Penelope Calderon

Agreed. A signed contract is your protection.

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