How To Explain Getting FIRED

Getting fired or terminated from a job can be very rough. It feels like a huge obstacle to get over, and how are you supposed to get a new job if you were fired from your last one?

The good news it’s not only possible, but TONS of people get fired and turn around to get a better job elsewhere. Here’s how:

Come to terms with it.
This can be the hardest part, as you may feel like you weren’t good enough for the job. Don’t worry, you’ll be back on your feet soon enough. Take a few days to go over why it happened, and if there was a specific reason or gap in knowledge for why it happened, try to brush up on it before applying for a new position. This way, you can leverage it into a strength in an interview!

Do NOT say you were fired on a resume!
This is a surefire way to get your resume thrown out. You don’t have to mention how you left the job in your resume or cover letter. Focus on your job responsibilities, any software you used, and whatever else you think would look great on your resume! You aren’t lying to them - if they really want to know, they’ll ask in an interview. Which leads us to the next part…

Explaining your termination in the interview:
Be brief. Don’t go into too much detail or you may say something you shouldn’t.
Don’t badmouth your previous employer or coworkers. It reflects poorly on you, and is in absolute bad form during an interview.
Use phrases like “We decided to go in a different direction” and “I felt a change in my career path was best” when talking about it - then use this to segway into how ready you are for this new job and what you bring to the table.
If you really did mess up and it resulted in you being fired, clearly identify what you could have done differently. Then, speak to them on how you have grown professionally from that experience.

I hope this has shed some light on how to explain being fired in an interview - if it did or if you have more questions, please comment below!!

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