and if you call or go to your local library there are jobs listings and job fairs . all types of jobs available AND YET PEOPLE STATE THERE ARE NO GOOD PAYING JOBS OR JOBS AVAILABLE. sometimes job fairs have more companies show up than employees. plus libraries have free services to UPGRADE RESUMES OR BOOKS AUDIO TAPES ON JOB INTERVIEW SKILLS . ALL FREE. START NETWORKING WITH PEOPLE WITH JOBS . CALL HUMAN RESOURCES THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT JOBS. BE NICE EVEN OVER THE PHONE THEY WILL CONNECT YOU TO MANY JOB SOURCES AND SERVICES YOUR AVAILABLE FOR. BE PRO ACTIVE . even I will help you if your struggling to make ends meet. with legitimate work from home jobs or jobs in your area and no experience necessary or on the job training . any age . especially call center jobs don't usually discriminate because of age . they hire 50 to 65 years old: use the PSCYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH TO GETTING A JOB . it works and it does have an impact. WHAT HAPPEN TO WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY. there are a lot of jobs just do free Google search and you will be surprise how many pop up in your area; the psychological approach is just being nice and connecting with people especially your interviewer. WHEN I GO TO COURT TO HELP MY CLIENTS WITH BANKRUPTCY I WEAR MY MILITARY CAP WHICH I HAVE TO TAKE OFF IN COURT. WHEN THE JUDGE CALLS ME FOR MY CASES . I PLACE MY MILITARY CAP ON THE PODIUM RIGHT IN FRONT FACING THE JUDGE. the first thing the judge says is before we proceed sir I would LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR MILITARY SERVICE. especially when my cap says I AM A VIETNAM VETERAN ; the same thing when I talk to any interviewer. I might mention nice broach MAM OR NICE TIE SIR anything to ease the tension for me and for them . I even ask them what is this company about unless I did my research on them ahead of time. I ask the interviewer I want to talk about how I can help this company and how I can serve as not just a good employee but a great employee. I heard someone's family member at a funeral state MY DAD NEVER LIKE TO KISS ANYBODIES BUTT. I knew their dad he hardly would work and thus didn't have life insurance for the family to bury him . they had to collect out of pocket money . and most of that family diddle and daddle in jobs here and there. I guess self pride is what they develop. its a job isn't that what you want just the opportunity to be able to get decent pay for a days work so you can supply income for your family and yourself; ( just saying).

about 5 years ago
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